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Moorings Hotel opening and safety information

We are so excited to welcome you all back to The Moorings.

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  • We are open from Wednesday 15th July serving food 11am to 9pm and drinks 11am to 11pm
  • Our tables can be booked in advance by telephoning the hotel on 01397 772797 but you don’t need to book to come and enjoy some food and drinks with us.
  • You will be asked on arrival for your contact details as per government protocol. this will also allow us to track and trace customers immediately if required. All data will be destroyed after 21 days and is protected by GDPR.
  • We will also be taking your temperature on arrival to our hotel/bistro – you do have the right to refuse this to be done but we are doing this to ensure all our customers are safe.
  • Under no circumstances should anyone with COVID-19 symptoms enter our premises at any point out or inside.
  • Our staff will all be wearing either face masks or face visors for both your and their safety and protection. They have all been trained in COVID-19 Safety and hygiene, management will ensure this is always being strictly followed.
  • Our outdoor areas are strictly non-smoking as we will be serving food and want to ensure it is a pleasant experience for everyone.
  • We have hand sanitiser stations throughout the hotel for use throughout your visit to us. You are required to use this on arrival and departure to the hotel. You MUST use these as part of our safety procedures.
  • We will have a one-way system in place as much as possible so please follow the social distancing foot signs and ensure you are keeping your distance and aware of other guests and staff around you.
  • Tables and chairs are not to be moved as we have arranged them with strict measurements for social distancing.
  • All guests must remain at their table at all times unless using the toilet or exiting the premises. Please do not loiter and speak to other people at tables other than the one you have been allocated. This is for everyone’s safety
  • Toilets are located in our bistro and bar areas and we will be running a one in-one out system. These will be sanitised thoroughly throughout the day; we also provide hand sanitiser on the toilet entrance for your use on entry and exit.
  • The safety of our customers and staff is THE most important thing on our list, as well as providing you all with a long overdue great food and drink experience!


Please be patient with our staff, like you we have never done this before

All at the Moorings

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